Intuitive plant medicine courses – 2018

Interested in getting to know the

medicines that surround you daily,

and how to utilise them in your life?

This course is for you!


To find out more about the details of the course




DATES – 12th – 14th October


COST – £275

We can do discount for those who are unwaged and for those who wish to camp or stay in a local B n B.


This is an amazing opportunity to spend a weekend

at the beautiful Coed Hills, fully residential and fully

catered from the gardens, with delicious healthy organic food.











Here are some reviews from the course in 2017 –

“The last few days have been truly enchanting. I feel honoured to have been taught by such wise and wonderful teachers as Dan and Stephen. Their knowledge and passion for herbs and medicinal plants is so vast. I’ve learnt so much and feel I’ve connected with a part of the land here at Coed Hills. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learnt, and continue my relationship and journey with plant medicines. The food and the vibe has been stunning. I can’t recommend this course enough for fellow herbal enthusiasts, and all other folk. Loved every minute of it!”


“An Amazing weekend. The wealth of information that these guys have to share and the wisdom of the medicine plants is truly awesome. Added together with the ceremonies and journeying created a really powerful space to experience true magic. I would recommend these courses to anyone interested in the extensive and fascinating field of intuitive plant medicine”




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