Offering healing, divination, counselling.

Phone or text 07507578885. Email

I offer people a service in 4 areas of healing –

1 – physical

2 – spiritual

3 – practical

4 – social

1 – Physical healing

I work with treating people with traditional herbs from both the european traditions and african traditions. I can advise people on nutrition. I use a variety of techniques for diagnosing which herbs to prescribe.  I have also been trained in massage.

2 – Spiritual healing

I work through my spiritual guides to diagnose the roots of spiritual problems, and offer a variety of techniques to help bring spiritual vitality.

3 – Practical guidance

I use divination techniques to help answer questions to practical issues. I interpret these divinations using reflective organising methods and help find ways to structure ones life.

4 – Social support

I offer social support by being a bridge to different social groups, introducing you to people who may be able to help, connecting you to places and events.



I charge relative to how much time I give. an average session is usually between £20 to £40. I will do a diagnosis for £5 over email.

Call me or email me on 07507578885, or email me on for further information.

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