In 2009 I began to study Shamanism with the Sacred Trust. –

Having found many riches from my experiences working with them, I decided In 2011 to undertake their 3 year shamanic practitioner training, wanting to immerse my self as fully as possible into the study and practice of core shamanism.

Within this training, as well as receiving many initiatory experiences which were deeply nourishing and transformative,  I learnt many practical techniques to help with everyday life problems. I am currently keen to share any of the following healing practices with anyone who may be interested, so as to deepen my experience with the methods I have been trained in.


The healing work primarily covers these main aspects –

 – Power animal retrieval is seeking to return a spiritual guide in the form of an animal that was once with the client and wishes to return.
– Soul retrieval involves returning lost soul parts. soul parts can be seen of as “pure essence” that leaves so as to escape the pain of certain situations that can be described as traumatic in some way or another.
– Extraction is the identification and removal of “spiritual object intrusions”.


The counseling work offers a unique method, designed to give the client a methodology, that at the end of the process, the client will be able to go and use on their own, for dealing with life’s many issues. In this method I am the counselor of the method only, not the client. If you are interested in learning a journeying method to meet your own spiritual guides to receive guidance then this can be a very effective technique.


I like to think of divination as problem solving. Through a variety of divination methods, using both journeying and divination tools, I aim to bring guidance to and perspective on one’s personal  decisions and questions that one may have.


Core shamanism is an experiential discipline that requires a dedicated commitment to a partnership with known spiritual allies. It is an intensely creative approach to helping people to heal, and get more in touch with themselves, and through this, the world around them.

If you are interested in any of these practices then be in touch. All work is offered for free.  For more information contact for me, on 07507578885 Or email maxsalad at gmail dot com






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