The Lammas Project

In September I went on a Ecovillage Conference workshop at Lammas.


Over a weekend we got shown round and were given the full story of how they set up the UK’s first official ecovillage.. Official is an important word to stress; they went through planning permission before building anything on the land.  There are other eco communitites across the UK, especially in wales, but up until now they have all done it without planners consent, to the benefit of some and not to others… ie they got squashed when they were found out.



Lammas has, therefore, to some degree, opened the doors for many others to walk through to getting affordable land  and living on it in a low impact way.



It is largely thanks to a new planning law that has come out , that they have been able to do this . this new law is basically saying that if you can prove that you are living a low impact lifestyle, and can tick the boxes that they set for what this means, then you can have land at agricultural prices.



Paul Wimbush, one of the key visionaries behind Lammas talked to us about how the process developed. You can find lots of information on the Lammas website regarding their set up process.



Hoppi, Pauls, wife starts each day delivering milk to the local residents on site, via her husky dog pulled milk trailer!



The quality of the buildings is astounding. They are truly excelling in showing how beautiful an ecovillage can be.







I would like to start something like this at some point in my life. I would recommend anyone else thinking of doing something like this to visit, to pick up ideas! As far as I’m aware, there is nothing like this currently in the UK.



They are off entirely of power. – they have their own hydro, solar dotted around, wood.

They have spring water pumped around site.

They will be nearing 50% self sufficient in food in the next year or two.

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