It is not quite horticulture as we most know it (ornamental growing) and not quite agriculture (mechanical scale) – it is

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Edible food growing!



Ediculture offers a consultancy service in


1 – teaching people how to grow – day workshops to full year round grow your own courses, month by month.

2 – talks on forest gardening, organic food growing, urban food growing initiatives and wild food.

3 – pruning fruit trees

4 – designing growing spaces,  –

      ( back garden, allotment, or field scale, both perennial and annual.)

5 – making compost

6 – Seeds and seed saving

7 – Propagation of perennials (grafting and cuttings)

8 – Basics in nutrition and using herbs.

Ediculture works in partnership with Grow Sheffield in planting fruit trees, pruning fruit trees, making cider and grafting fruit trees.



Ediculture’s philosophy is built on the premise is that good healthy food is a basic necessity of all people, and should be made accessible to all people everywhere. There is enough to go around if we share and educate one another.