About Me and my Practice


My name is Stephen Watts and I am currently living in Sheffield in the UK, engaged in a variety of different disciplines. This website is the place where I try to tie it all together… and to see if I can explore how it all relates…

I aim to inspire people to connect with the natural world of plants, animals and landscape; the elemental world, the various other forms of life with which we share our beautiful planet.

I am keen to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability,  both within the human world and non human world. I primarily focus my study on the role that local organic food has to play in creating a sustainable planet, as well as promoting and maintaining health, but I am also keen to explore beyond the sphere of food to other areas of sustainability like energy.

greenmantmI teach food culture; growing food organically, foraging for wild foods, basics in how to grow and use herbs, designing food growing spaces  (allotments, back gardens, forest gardens), seasonal awareness, nutrition and community food growing. Through my food culture teaching I aim to promote a healthy relationship to food, and create a diverse food culture.

I am committed to make creative sustainable living a part of my everyday life, and through doing so, help inspire others to do the same. I am keen to work towards building creative thriving communities of people, and make use of what ever resources I can to promote  human scale community living. I am interested in exploring the links between a diverse human culture and diversity at large in the wider world, so as to understand and experience more fully my place in the scheme of things.


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